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About Us

I’m Kira an extremely active Oregon native who is insanely passionate about all things health and wellness!

Being a personal trainer for last 11 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to assist individuals to flourish within their newfound healthy lifestyle. My love of health and wellness has evolved to providing yet another way to protect the body, by shielding individuals from harmful radiation and the spread of germs by providing personal protection equipment. Thank you for allowing me to protect you, your patients, employees and community. With protection come safety, with safety comes wellness. If you are well and thriving, I have done my job!

7 Peaks Healthcare Supply cares about the health and well being of individuals throughout the world. We’ve connected with world recognized manufacturers to assist consumers with superior access to healthcare protection products. We are committed to providing unmatched quality, personalized attention with the utmost satisfaction to all consumers. Manufacturing quality protection products for consumers nationwide for over 60 years, proves that our process and quality is first–class. With the needs of the nation changing moment by moment we have tailored our product line to continue to protect our consumers with Personal Protection Equipment.

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